Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Silent Opera

model for a silent opera (maquette 1 inch = 1foot)

Silent Opera

April 19, 2013 - May 26, 2013
Reception: Friday April 19, 6-9pm

One River Gallery
49 N. Dean St., Englewood, New Jersey 
Ken Weathersby’s exhibition, Silent Opera, presents works that transpose and shuffle optical and physical aspects.  In the paintings, grids of primary color or high-contrast black and white are interrupted, displaced, removed, enclosed or cut into.  In the collage-based works, found images are submerged under dense, wooden grids.

The idea of a painting’s face or a photographed human image as a site of display is muted and complicated by these interventions.  When an object is exhibited, it is like a performer stepping forward onto a stage; if the sound of the song is cut or muffled, though, we hear the sound of the performer’s footsteps, the incidental stage business, the bump and clatter of conventions that normally surround the song…

“Responding to the given conditions of painting gives me something to work against.  I’ve tried to separate the parts of physical language of painting, the paint surface, the wooden support, the canvas or linen, and reset them in new relations. Recently I’ve also been cannibalizing my bookshelf, taking whole pages mostly from art books, and building on top of them; hiding them, replacing them, saving them, burying them.” (Weathersby)

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