Thursday, May 10, 2012

Strange Fit:

 178 (hLLL), detail, acrylic paint film over wood over linen

Ken Weathersby
Strange Fit

1 June – 1 July, 2012

Opening reception: Friday, 1 June. 7-9pm


11am to 6pm, Tuesday through Sunday and by appointment

177 North 9th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211
T: 718.599.2144


"Ken Weathersby’s exhibition, Strange Fit, presents abstract paintings that shuffle optical and physical elements, playing the visual against the tactile.  In each painting there is an unraveling of expectations as paint, linen, and wood deviate from their usual roles.  Grids of bright color on the painted fronts of the canvases create retinal effects like moirĂ© patterns, and the suggestion of visual movement and space.  But those surfaces are often interrupted by a reordering of the parts of painting.   Works have pieces removed and replaced, or have parts of their painted faces covered, reversed or hidden from view.  Painting seems to have been taken apart, then carefully fitted back together, but fitted together strangely, with odd elisions, inversions and substitutions."