Sunday, February 26, 2012

(you are the weatherman):

The Other Ken Weathersby
Gallery Aferro - 73 Market Street, Newark, NJ 07102
March 10 – April 14, 2012
Reception, March 10, 7pm.

"Ken Weathersby’s exhibition at Gallery Aferro includes easel-sized, patterned abstract paintings, photographic works, and several wall-mounted boxes containing tiny, crafted objects resembling miniature paintings.
The works in the show shuffle the traditional given stuff of pictures and picture-making. The paintings are subtly pulled apart, or have pieces cut out and removed, or their painted faces refuse to be seen. The wall-mounted boxes may be mere models for groupings of larger works, or may be works in themselves. This intentional ambiguity extends to photographs included in the show, paired portraits, which offer false resemblance and shifting identity in seemingly straightforward profile pictures."

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