Friday, February 18, 2011

New Ark:

aferro studios, Newark, NJ

My studio at home has become something of a puzzle with many complicated moving parts--work in progress and tools and books take up an increasing amount of the space. 

Starting tomorrow, I'll be doing a residency at Aferro Studios in Newark, NJ.  The residency goes until August of 2011, so for the next six months, I'll see what it's like to work a little differently.  It will be the first time since my loft in Williamsburg in the 90's that I'll have a dedicated, work-only studio space of over 1,200 sq. feet.  The studio at Aferro should allow me to spread out and work on more projects at once, and on larger pieces.

Evonne Davis and Emma Wilcox run the program there, and they seem to have a good thing going, attracting interesting artists from all over.

Gallery Aferro

Aferro Studios Blog 

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