Friday, December 24, 2010

Sample 5:

Tky - process, sound hardware installed, 12-24-10
Ken Weathersby
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Tky - first sketch, 4-09
Ken Weathersby
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This painting is almost finished.  It just needs final installation of the audio, an mp3 playback of sound recorded in the making and painting of the two panels (sounds of painting, applying and peeling masking tape, sanding, sawing, stapling, etc.).  The sound was captured and then organized for the looped soundtracks by composer and musician Matt Sargent.

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Mark Cameron Boyd said...

Merrie x-mas:

* said...

Hi Mark--
Merrie xmas to you too.

One thing that comes up is this: with the Morris (being of its time, and late, modernist thinking) there is a foregrounding and privileging of the idea of the real material, the authentic and the purified form, the actuality of materials and action, the truth to the duration of the event, etc.

In my work there are many things being presented on the same level: the actual apparatus of the painting and support, information about its construction, but also the perceptual antics of the painterly surface, of painting in general that is evoked as a language as the site for this work. Also the intrusion of a certain anthropomorphism, the doublings of the two canvases, of vision vs. sound, of forthright construction vs. composition (the sound is composed, arranged). All given without prioritizing or dividing between levels as to 'truth' or importance. All just present. Also, Morris' relationships are reversed or inverted in my painting-- the inner part of what has been constructed is exposed, and what is given as sound information or music is an inward directed dialog, rather than an outward directed monologue.