Sunday, October 24, 2010

JCJ, Closer:

Now This Is Fun, enamel on plexi, 8" x 10", 2010
Jeffrey Cortland Jones
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"Closer, Still" Jeffrey Cortland Jones
October 22 - November 19, 2010

@Kent Place Gallery
42 Norwood Avenue
Summit, NJ


The artist works on relatively small sheets of smooth and reflective plexiglass. He applies enamel paint to cover, edge, mark or blur the surfaces. By doing so, he continually unfolds a multiplicity of expression and play within a rigorous and serious vein of abstract painting.

There is an exciting dynamic in these works between transparency, translucency and opacity. Partly through the development of that dynamic, there is an important, shifting balance between atmosphere and object. Some surprising nuances emerge from the paint on the backs of the panels, in some cases not directly seen, but reflecting off the wall to give bit of colored halo to an edge, sometimes showing through superimposed layers, sometimes crawling onto or around the side of a panel just enough to do something interesting.   

We tend to want to see through or into the space in paintings. Here we do, but our gaze is both allowed and contained. Our attention is brought to the fact of the material, of the object. We feel we are getting a partial view, a glimpse, like a quick look out the window of a fast moving car, but we never see more than what we could touch.

Jones offers the following: “Painting is simply: obsessive, correcting, locating, apprehending, pigment, fog, field, continuous, resistance.” 

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