Saturday, June 20, 2009


6-19-09 process shots, from top:

contact mic on studio table

untitled / two canvases in progress

mic that recorded stapling, sawing, application of paint, also birds and lawnmower outside window

untitled / canvas one (in progress)

Matt's recording setup

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Matt Sargent visited yesterday and we began working on a project which will be composed of sound (music) and visual and tactile objects (painting). The various aspects are developing together. Matt used contact mics made from doorbell mechanisms, and other equipment to gather and begin to organize studio sounds while I painted.

More about Matt:


david john said...

your work is incredible! do you ever show in los angeles?

* said...

Hi David--

Thanks. I haven't shown in LA, but I wouldn't mind doing so if an opportunity arose...

By the way thanks too for dropping my image into your post on the 'destruction of the canvas'.

Very nice.