Friday, April 10, 2009


wky model, Collage on Foamboard, 10.25" x 6.5", 2009.
Ken Weathersby
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Michele said...

This photograph is exquisite. The way the photo inscribes the collaged elements of the mock-up, it resembles a Chinese landscape. Which doesn't detract at all from the painting (I mean what will be the painting).

tony said...

Of all the images I've seen of your work (Jpegwise, that is) this is my favourite. It really breathes -slowly yet with power. Thankyou for that.

* said...

Thanks for that comment, Tony. The painting that this model represents should be up on my website within a few weeks, I hope.

The proportions will be the same and color will be similar, but the painting will be larger-- 56 x 36 inches.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it breathes, and it winks at you! ;-)

* said...

I guess you have to breathe before you can wink.