Monday, January 26, 2009

Balanced 2:

bird 3, 2009, Digital Sketch, Ken Weathersby
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Treat the given visual and physical features of drawing and painting (line, surface, paper, color, canvas, stretcher, graphite, paint, etc.) as terms in a lexicon, as objects, as things. Look at these things neutrally. Selectively, dispassionately reject an identified term, removing it from the piece. Eliminate a term that seems central, leaving other, related surrounding terms in place. Seek an unprecedented and unneeded variation on an existing term and insert. Invent a new unneeded term and insert. The absence of an old term or the presence of a new term may have a consequence, but neither the change, nor its consequence should be stressed. Handle the new array of old and new terms without skepticism. Misalign them, close them off. Assume they will support each other. See them as if they had normal rhetorical roles.

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