Saturday, December 27, 2008

The other Ken Weathersby:

the other ken weathersby (#6)
Googled Source Image.
My namesake appears to be delivering some bad news.
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the other ken weathersby 6b, 12-2008,
Ken Weathersby
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Michele said...

This pair of images is very intriguing . . . You have so much about doubles on this site. I wonder how doubling can be understood in relation to Barthes' "Neutral." Sometimes the pairs are in a relationship of opposition. What makes me think more of "the neutral" is doubles that maybe aren't opposed, but more oblique to each other. This pairing of "the other Ken Weathersby" images, which are themselves images of a dyad and thus comprise a double double, speak to both aspects: conflict and proximity. And to me they really call up the uncanniness of the doppelganger.